Volkswagen Polo GTI

The Revo open cone Air Intake System for the VW Polo GTi improves performance and offers an aggressive intake sound. Ensuring your engine can get access to enough air is paramount when increasing power; more air means more power throughout the rev-range.

Only Revo Air Intake Systems are specifically designed to work in harmony with your vehicle and Revo Software. Engineered to directly replace the stock airbox, pipe work and filter on the VW Polo GTi. The Revo System offers a high-quality open cone replacement complete with a heat shield to improve airflow and the performance of your vehicle.

When you begin to enhance performance, the restrictive OEM intake struggles to flow enough air, robbing the engine of power. The Revo Air Intake System removes these restrictive elements promoting smoother airflow. Open Cone systems replace the OEM air box to make space for the heat shield, filter and silicone hose which joins directly to the turbo inlet. Revo Flush Fit joins eliminate unwanted turbulence and increase the rate at which air can flow, ensuring maximum performance at all tuning stages.

Revo Intake VW Polo GTI / Ibiza Cupra 1.8 TSI

SKU: RV031M600100